Terms & Conditions

1. The average riding mileage is measured at the temperature of 25°C, with a load of 70KG, and on a flat road. Riding habits, ambient temperature, road environment and load will affect the riding mileage.

2. Delivery time mentioned is the total time taken from paying the booking fee up to delivery of the vehicle.

3. Delivery period is an approximate time period. It can be changed by the company in worst cases like any abnormal conditions inside the nation or any strike or any conditions in the company.

4. In case the vehicle is found damaged in the delivered package, you are requested to share this information with us immediately on the special contact provided to you in the parcel with proper proofs showing that it is originally damaged.

5. You are requested to check the parcel in front of the delivery guy for any damage and for raising damage complaints. No damage complaints will be entertained after that.

6. The company will not entertain warranty claim for any physical damage caused to the vehicle in accidents or abnormal use.

Warrenty Terms

1. Warranty cover is only for battery and battery charger.

2. Warranty period is of 6 months.

3. Warranty cover will not be applicable if the battery is mis-handled or changed in abnormal conditions.