About Revma
Brief about REVMA and our Aim
REVMA is a new name given to a mission started by a small group of Entrepreneurs in 2017 with a aim of introducing new technologies in the world. The group works on how to improvise the technology used even at the ground level in the society and adding in the living standards of the people.
We take challenges for making nature friendly at the same time being style-tech and try to bring revolution in the technology used in our daily lives.
Convenience and cost effectiveness is somewhat at the top in our priority list. Use of high-end technology with compact size and light-weight material is what we do at REVMA.in .
How REVMA started ?
There was a strong need in the society for a feasible electric tech for the common people that is affordable too, but battery may imposed limitations in front of the people and always stop them from accepting it.
Then after a long research, discussions, months of work, came this revolutionary product which can change the way people move on roads.
Goals to acheive
The company has taken aim to encourage the public to use smart technology with eco-friendly energy.
Our aim is also to make the technology as affordable as we can without compromising with the quality, features and safety.
Selling and distribution
We have not given any selling rights for REVMA products to anyone till now other than our official website.